[Hololive EN] Ina and Sana’s reactions to evolving Togetic into Togekiss (Pokemon Shining Pearl)


Stream sources:
https://youtu.be/oa1j9-wv3fY (Sana PoV)

(Ina PoV)

Link Inasanaty:
https://youtube.com/channel/UCsUj0dszADCGbF3gNrQEuSQ (Space Sanctuary)

(Tako Temple)

The tale of Eggnog is one of coming of age. Eggnog starts out as a rowdy youngster, and slowly over time becomes a more kind and tempered adult. This reaches its peak once Eggnog replaces Metronome with Air Slash, shedding his adolescent unpredictability and moving the most important part of life over it: STAB.
The tale of Hardboiled is one of horror. His descent started when he destroyed and exiled his sibling, Softboiled, to another realm in the pursuit of power. By the time he fully evolved, he was but a merciless fighting machine; a fact that was kicked into overdrive once he learned Thunder Wave and eventually became the first HoloEN mon to reach level 100.
Once the tourny rolls around, it is likely we will end up seeing which of the two tales proves more fruitful…

0:00 Rival battle
0:20 Whisperings of the stone
0:55 Off to Iron Island!
2:04 Quest for the Shiny Stone
2:59 Obtaining the stone
3:34 Off to the perfect spot!
4:36 Eggnog evolves!
5:40 Hardboiled evolves!
6:28 Eggnog’s maturity arc comes to a close
7:14 Hardboiled’s paraflinch arc merely begins
7:54 A spontaneous heart-to-heart
8:33 Hardboiled spreads his wings
10:05 Eggnog gets a massage
10:48 A further upgrade for Eggnog
Now Scizors and Skarmories will have a much harder time dealing with Eggnog.

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